Apéro Gift Package

There’s nothing more Swiss than an “Apéro”, except for maybe fondue. We have incorporated both traditions in respect to our Swiss ancestors who left it all behind to found Fiscalini Farms in California over 100 years ago. This package includes everything you will need for an elegant Apéro; which is basically an excuse to meet people and be merry. The basket includes seven 8 oz. cheeses:  Bandage Wrapped Cheddar, San Joaquin Gold, Lionza, Purple Moon, Smoked Cheddar, Horsefeathers and Smoked Scamorza. Also added is: McManis Cabernet, Rustic Bakery Coin crackers, and Butter Toffee Almonds (4 oz.) and Chocolate Blueberries (4 oz.) from Steward and Jasper.

Apéro Gift Package $ 90.00


8oz Bandage Wrapped Cheddar.
8oz San Joaquin Gold.
8oz Lionza.
8oz Purple Moon.
8oz Smoked Cheddar.
8oz Smoked Scamorza.
8oz Horsefeathers Spread.
5 oz Rustic Bakery Crackers.
4oz Stewart and Jasper Butter Toffe Almonds.
4oz Stewart and Jasper Chocolate Blueberries.
McManis Cabernet


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